We Find You The Right Partners

We connect thousands of international manufacturers and suppliers through a variety of integrated services. Magate Enterprise has the experience and resources to work side by side with you from the early stages of a project until completion; Magate is the tool that cannot be replaced or duplicated.

We have solid relationships with suppliers, which provide us with a vast array of materials and products. You will be eliminating any uncertainty regarding product reliability and origin by allowing Magate Enterprise to coordinate and procure for your projects.  If you would like to use a particular supplier, we will run their company data through our strict verification process and inform you as to what our recommended decision would be. When a supplier is not approved, we will present many other possible providers in their place. We take pride in partnerships with our vendors.


  • Connecting over 1,000 manufacturers and more than 1,200 quality suppliers
  • Third-party authentication of supplier information enhances buyers' sourcing confidence

World-Class Manufacturers

  • Connected with the largest manufacturers & suppliers in the world

Business Sectors

  • Power Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Hospitality Sector

Please contact us for any of your material needs using the information provided.  We would be happy to assist you with procuring absolutely any of your outstanding items.